Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
We are based in Kent within the United Kingdom but offer express shipping worldwide with next day options available!

Do you ship to the UK?
Yes we are based in Kent within the UK so ship using Royal Mail services.

Do you ship internationally?
We are based in the UK yes but we ship worldwide! Standard delivery is stated to take from 8 to 12 business days but we also offer express shipping options at checkout.

How long will it take to receive my mask?
We’ll get your mask dispatched within 10 working days! Sometimes we will have your mask made even faster but on the flip-side during busy periods it can be very slightly longer. If you require if for a specific date please contact us first!

Do your masks come with a head form?
Unfortunately our masks don’t come with a head form. It is something we are working on and hoping to make available soon.

Do your masks have ear and nose holes?
Yes all of our masks have ear and nose holes so you can fully hear and breath when wearing the mask. Masks from some companies do not include ear holes. They can not only help with hearing and breathing but also with keeping you cooler and more comfortable while wearing the mask.

Do you use powermesh to reinforce your masks?
Yes all of our masks are fully powermeshed all over. This means it will be extremely resistant to ripping and make your mask a lot more durable. Some companies only reinforce the mouth and eyes if at all! Don’t take the risk with your new mask! Buy from us to ensure your receive an extremely durable mask.

Can I request a custom paint scheme on your masks?
Yes you can request a custom paint scheme. Simply send over a message on our contact us page and we can discuss your requirements.

Are your silicone masks and props waterproof?
Yes they are!

How do you clean a silicone mask?
The quickest and easiest way is baby wipes! Ensure you are gentle when cleaning. If rinsing them under water please ensure you pat dry with a soft lint free towel or cloth. Be careful not to rub or scrub the surface with anything abrasive as that could lead to delamination of the paint.

How do you wear a silicone mask?
Place hands inside the mask with palms facing out then pull the mask apart to stretch it over your head. Never tug it onto your head. Once on adjust the mask for comfort using the palms of your hands and be gentle if adjusting the ears. Being too aggressive could damage the mask. Watch the video below for tips:

If you have any further questions please contact us!