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A new demon has risen from hell with one goal, to rule over mankind.

Recent Reviews

The demon mask is stunning, it’s so easy to put on and it’s a lot better round the eyes. It’s a perfect fit and I’m absolutely delighted with it.
Anthony Gill
Awesome mask, great detail and movement.
Ordering was easy and great communication throughout. First class service.
Mark Paterson
I got the rotten with putrid options and really love my mask. I’ve never owned a silicone mask like this before, but it seems very durable but easy to wear. Jay was extremely communicative during the entire process and was happy to answer all the questions I had.

For the project I was working on, I needed extremely realistic movement of the mouth and this is one of the few (Honestly I think I’ve found only one other) silicone zombie masks that exist that don’t have teeth “built-in.” The other option I was looking at was CFX’s “Crusty” model, and “Nosher” is the clear winner in both style and realism, AND it was $200 less. Conclusion: Extremely happy with my purchase, and I’m sure you will be, too!
James Rogers
Brilliant quality mask,up there with the best of them for design and price.
Would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality mask with top quality customer service.