Azrok Orc Silicone Mask


Current Production Time: 2-3 weeks

This is our realistic orc silicone mask. Just slip on the mask and you instantly become a realistic orc. No need for hours of makeup! It is the perfect centrepiece to your Halloween outfit, for collectors, horror houses and larping. It can also be used for a prank, for movies or theatre productions.

Our Orc silicone mask is best suited for those with a head circumference between 21 to 24 inches (53cm to 61cm). We have had smaller and larger heads wear our masks with no problems so don’t lose hope! If your head size is outside of the recommended sizing bracket then please contact me first. 

All of our silicone masks are fully reinforced with powermesh across the entire mask. We’ve spent a long time developing a powermesh system that offers optimum protection against tearing and ripping. We pride ourselves on the quality of our masks so if you experience any problems with yours we will repair it free off charge minus return postage.

If you have any other questions regarding this mask or any of our products then please check out our FAQ here, or contact us here.

Customer Images Coming Soon!

Paint Options

Dirty Tanned Flesh, Pale White Flesh, Green Flesh, Pale with Blue Patterned Flesh, Grey Panthro Flesh, Custom Paint Job

War Paint Options

With War Paint, Without War Paint

Scars Options

With Bloody Scars, With Clean Scars, Without Scars Customisation


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