Creature Silicone Sleeves


Current Production Time: 6-8 weeks

These are our creature silicone sleeves. With a great fit and movement these ultra realistic sleeves will instantly add another layer of realism to your cosplay or halloween outfit.

These creature silicone sleeves are fully powermeshed to ensure exttra durability.

When wearing these creature silicone sleeves please ensure you wet your hands with water first. Some like to use IPA sprayed into the sleeves.

Movement video coming soon.



Sleeve Options

Both left and right sleeves, Left sleeve only, Right sleeve only

Paint Options

Ikari intense red and black, Dark red and black, Ikari pale demonic and black, Ikari Grey and Black, Ikari reptilian green and light flesh, Orc dirty tanned, Orc green, Orc Pale white, Realistic old man light flesh, Custom paint job

Nail Options

Sharp black nails, Sharp natural nails, Flat realistic nails


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